Kate’s Style File 2016: The Colours

In this first episode of the newest season in our fashion series ‘Kate’s Style File’ we will have a look at the colours worn by the Duchess of Cambridge in 2016. Due to the absence of a pregnancy, and the presence of two big Royal Tours, it was the busiest year the Duchess had until this date since her marriage.

The Duchess wore 84 outfits in 2015. 

Favorite colours
The Duchess’ favorite colours in 2015 appear to be red (worn 13 times, which is about 15,5% of all outfits), blue (worn 10 times, which is about 12% of all outfits) and grey (worn 7 times, which is about 11% of all outfits worn in this year).

The Duchess’ favorite this year was red. Red made it into the top-3 in 2015 for the first time, with 6 outfits (claiming the second spot). As the total amount of outfits has almost doubled, and the amount of red outfits saw the same increase, the percentage of red outfits this year stayed roughly the same: 13% in 2015 and 15,5% in 2016. Red looks amazing on the Duchess, so I’m very happy to be able to share four lovely red outfits on the Duchess in 2016.

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Princess Diana’s jewels worn by the Duchess of Cambridge

After looking at the Duchess of Cambridge’s jewels on loan from the Queen, we are now looking at the jewels she wears that once belonged to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. The Duchess started wearing Diana’s jewels on the day she got engaged to prince William, and never stopped doing so. In the years that followed, she added more pieces to her jewelry box that were once worn by Diana. It is expected that this will continue in the future, as there still are many gorgeous jewels from the late Princess that never appeared in public after her death.

The list will be updated when the Duchess wears new pieces of jewelry that once belonged to Diana or if she wears pieces again. 


Diamond and sapphire engagement ring
This ring is the engagement ring that was given to prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer for their engagement in February 1981. The ring is made by jeweler Garrard, and came from the existing collection (it was not a special design for the couple). Queen Elizabeth paid a little bit more than 30.000 euros for the ring, which was made of a 12-carat blue sapphire, surrounded by 14 diamonds, and set in 18-carat white gold. After Dian’s tragic death in 1997, her possessions were divided between her two sons. 13 years later, in 2010, prince William took the ring with him to Kenya for his proposal to his long-time girlfriend, Catherine Middleton. A few weeks later he said in the engagement interview that he carried the ring in his rucksack for days before he fionally proposed. He said that the ring was very important for him and that he wanted to make sure that his mother was with the couple on their special day by giving her ring to his fiancee. His bride, the future Duchess of Cambridge, said that she loved the ring and was very afraid of losing it. Since the engagement, the Duchess never stopped wearing the ring. She wears it practically every day.

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Sapphire earrings
These earrings were a gift from prince William to his wife shortly after their wedding in 2011. The original earrings were from the collection of his late mother. She wore them in a different setting, either as studs or two clusters of sapphires surrounded by diamonds beneath each other. The Duchess had the earrings adjusted to her taste and had the sapphire surrounded by the nine clear diamonds attached to a single diamond. The earrings are a favorite with the Duchess. She wears them very often. They are a very good match with her sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

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Cambridge Review – Week 30 – 35, 2018


The Duke and Duchess and their children traveled to the paradise island of Mustique in the first few weeks of their vacation with the Middleton family. Afterwards, they settled down at their country home Amner Hall in Norfolk. The Duke and Duchess are very fond of Amner Hall. Now they’re permanently staying in London, they’re thought to be enjoying Amner Hall in holidays and in the weekends.

The Duke and Duchess and their children traveled to Balmoral Castle this week. After enjoying a grouse hunt and a picnic earlier this week, the couple attended the church service on Sunday morning at Crathie Kirk. The Queen stays at Balmoral Castle for two months in the summer and she is joined by members of the Royal Family during her stay. The Duke and Duchess always visit Her Majesty in Scotland in August or September. The couple traveled to church with the Queen, with the Duchess sitting next to Her Majesty and the Duke sitting in the front seat. In addition to the Cambridges, Prince Charles, Peter and Autumn Phillips and their children, the Earl and Countess of Wessex and their children and Zara and Mike Tindall and their children were also at Balmoral this week.

More pictures can be seen at the Daily Mail website (here). The Duchess is wearing a new Catherine Walker coat, a Lock & Co. hat she’s worn twice before and earrings on loan from the Queen.

The first Autumn engagements for the Duke of Cambridge have been announced by Kensington Palace last week. As Prince George’s school starts again on 6 September, it is thought that the Duke and Duchess will go back to London in that same week. There have been no engagement announcements for the Duchess yet, although we expect to hear more on her plans for the Autumn in the next week or two. The Palace said that her maternity leave will end in the Autumn, which starts in the first week of September for the Royal Family. It is very much possible that she wants to settle down in London for a bit and start engagements again mid-September. We’ll keep you updated!


The Duke of Cambridge attended commemorations marking the centenary of the Battle of Amiens, which heralded the Hundred Days Offensive, on August 8 in France. This battle, which was won by the allied forces, started the path to Armistice, which was signed on 11 November 1918. The commemorations were held at Amiens Cathedral. During the commemorations, the fallen were remembered and the significance of the battle was reflected upon. The Duke held a very good speech during the service. It can be read here.

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The Duke also laid flowers in the Chapel of Allies alongside representatives from France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Canada, the United States and Ireland as a reaffirmation of friendship between the Allies, Germany and the city of Amiens.

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Kate’s Style File 2015: New or Repeats?

In this final episode of Kate’s Style File 2015 we will analyze the amount of new and repeat clothes and hats worn by the Duchess in 2015. It will be interesting to see if these figures stay the same over the years, or she starts repeating more in the years to come.

The Duchess wore 46 outfits in 2015. 

Nieuwe kleding
Just like last year, the Duchess wore entirely new clothes most often. Out of the 46 outfits worn in 2015, 27 were entirely new (which is 58,70%). In comparison to 2014: 33 out of the 64 outfits were new (54,10%). She did wear less new clothes this year, but as the total amount of outfits decreased, the percentage is higher. Some of her best new outfits of 2015:

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Kate’s Style File 2015: The Designers

In this fourth episode of Kate’s Style File 2015, we will have a look at the favorite designers of the Duchess in 2015. Which designers will make it into the top-3 this year?

The Duchess wore 46 different outfits this year. However, if she wore two designers in one outfit, I counted it as two designers, so there are more designers than outfits. 

For the second year in row, the top spot was taken by Alexander McQueen. The Duchess’ bespoke McQueen outfits are designed by Sarah Burton. The Duchess wore 5 outfits by McQueen this year, which is significantly lower than in 2014, when she wore 11 outfits by this designer. McQueen is often her go-to choice for important state events and family occasions. The brand designed the bespoke cream coatdress the Duchess wore for princess Charlotte’s christening in July.

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