Royal Wedding Special: Updates #1

It will only be 15 days until the Royal Wedding! We will have special features on the wedding during the wait. On the sidebar, we now have a countdown until the wedding day! 

In this post, we feature some of the Royal Wedding updates we had over the past few days.

Prince Harry and his bride have selected one of the Ascot Landau carriages for their procession through Windsor after their wedding. The procession will only feature one carriage, in which the bride and the groom will be seated. The guests and the bridal party will not be in the procession, like they were in the Royal Wedding of 2011. The Ascot Landaus are used for the Queen’s Procession at Royal Ascot every year, and for official visits and festivities. Prince Harry was seated in one of the Ascot Landaus during the procession following the Royal Wedding in 2011. The carriage will be pulled by Windsor Grey horses.  In case of bad weather, the couple will use the Scottish State Coach for their ride through Windsor.

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Furthermore, it was announced that the Duke of Cambridge will be Prince Harry’s Best Man during the wedding. Kensington Palace said: ”The Duke of Cambridge is honoured to have been asked, and is very much looking forward to supporting his brother at St George’s Chapel, Windsor on May 19th.” Prince Harry was his brother’s Best Man at his wedding to the Duchess of Cambridge in 2011.

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Meghan Markle’s parents will arrive in the UK during the week leading up to the wedding and they will meet the Queen and Prince Philip, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for the first time. Meghan’s father Thomas hasn’t met Prince Harry yet, and he will meet him for the first time when he arrives in the UK.

The night before the wedding, the key moment will be when the bride arrives at her accomodation (likely an hotel) in Windsor early evening , where she will spend the night. She won’t be seeing prince Harry on the evening before the wedding.

Detailed (new) information on the Wedding Day:

  • Wedding guests will arrive at the Round Tower by coach between 9:30am and 11am and will be seen walking to the South Door of St George’s Chapel. Members of the Royal Family will arrive at 11:20am and enter St George’s Chapel via the Galilee Porch. Some walk to the Chapel, others will arrive by car. The groom and his Best Man will walk to the chapel and enter via the West Steps. Upon arrival they will greet some of the people gathered in the Castle precincts, including 200 representatives from Harry’s charities.
  • Meghan will travel to the Chapel with her mother by one of the Queen’s car, and she will walk down the aisle with her father, who will give her away. She will enter the Chapel via the West Steps. KP says: ‘There will also be a brief stop at the Castle where Ms. Ragland will head onto the Chapel and Ms. Markle will be joined by some of the Bridesmaids and Page Boys before she continues her journey to the church.’
  • There will be no adult maid of honour, the page boys and bridesmaids will all be children (there is no confirmation yet on who this will be, an update on this is expected in the final week ahead of the wedding). They will travel to the Chapel by car from the Castle.
  • Meghan has several close friends, and she couldn’t choose between them, but they’ve all helped her with the planning of the wedding and will be there to support her in the days leading up to the wedding.
  • The Duke of Edinburgh hopes to attend the wedding, but he’s still recovering from a hip replacement. Confirmation of his attendance will be given later, and the Family very much hopes that he will be able to attend. Prince Louis, the baby son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, will not be attending the wedding. It was confirmed today that both Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be present. The Duchess of Cambridge will, as was expected, also be attending the Wedding of her beloved brother-in-law, even though she only gave birth less than a month before.
  • Princess Diana’s siblings are all invited to the wedding, and her sister Lady Jane Fellowes will do a reading. In this way, the memory of Diana is kept alive on the wedding day.
  • More details on the Service will be announced later.
  • After the Ceremony, the couple will embark on a 25-minute carriage ride through Windsor. As they step into their Carriage, close family (including the Royals) will wave them off. All guests will be attending the reception at Windsor Castle. Most guest will walk to the Castle.
  • As we already know, the evening reception is private – but we will get see the Bride and Groom departing Windsor Castle at around 7pm for the Frogmore House bash. In this way, we’ll know if Meghan has two gowns! Meghan and Harry will spend their first night as a married couple at Windsor Castle and live at Kensington Palace afterwards.
  • The formal photographs, which will be taken by photographer Alexi Lubomirski, will be released during the week.

The couple won’t immediately go on honeymoon. Instead they’ll attend their first engagement as a married couple the week after the wedding and then go away. The engagement might have something to do with the first anniversary of last year’s terrorist attack in Manchester on May 22nd. It is expected that they will be back for Trooping the Colour on 9 June.

The full press release from Kensington Palace on the latest details can be read here.

We had information in the past months on the flowers in the church, the cake, the official wedding photographer, the absence of political guests, charitable gift recommendations, participation of the army, the music during the service, the participation of the public and the timings of the key events of the day.


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