Cambridge Review – week 14, 2018


The Great Kate Wait #3 has officially started today! The barriers in front of the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London, have gone up today in preperation for the world’s media, who will stand in front of the now famous door of the hospital wing for the birth of the third child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge later this month. Like in 2015, the media can start camping outside the hospital when the Duchess is admitted.

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The Duchess is currently still in Norfolk with the rest of the Cambridge family. They will stay there for another week or so, before returning to London for the birth. It’s safe to say that, unless something unusual happens, we can expect that the Duchess won’t give birth within the next week.

Obstetrician Guy Thorpe-Beeston and Sir Alan Farthing, surgeon-gynaecologist to the Queen, will once again lead the team that will assist during the birth. Both men were present for the Duchess’ previous deliveries.

The announcement of the birth will be made on social media and in an official press release. Kensington Palace will announce the sex of the baby, the weight and the time of birth. It will also state how the Duchess and her newborn baby are doing. A formal notice will appear on an easel in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace, like in 2013 for the birth of Prince George and in 2015 for the birth of Princess Charlotte. The names of the baby will be announced a few days later.

It is expected that the Duke and Duchess will pose on the steps of the Lindo Wing with their newborn baby shortly after the birth, possibly on the same day or the day after, if both mother and baby are doing well. It is also very much possible that we’ll see Prince George and Princess Charlotte visiting their new sibling with their father in the hospital.

We’ll have the latest news and updates on the blog when the time comes!


The Duke of Cambridge had no official engagements this week. The Duchess of Cambridge is on maternity leave. The Duke and the Duchess and their children are spending their time together at Amner Hall in Norfolk.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming Royal events for the Cambridges. They are preparing for the birth of Baby Cambridge #3 later this month. View our post on Royal Baby Arithmetic here!


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