We have a name: it’s Prince Louis!

The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge decided to name their son:

His Royal Highness Prince Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge.

The Prince will be known as Prince Louis of Cambridge.

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Louis is an unexpected choice, because it’s also one of the middle names of prince George. It maybe a reference to Lord Louis Mountbatten, the uncle of The Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philip), and a mentor to the Prince of Wales. He was killed in an IRA attack in 1979. Louis is one of the Duke of Cambridge’s names. Arthur is a Royal favourite, and also one of the Duke of Cambridge’s names. Charles is obviously a nod to the prince’s grandfather, the Prince of Wales.

For people wanting to know how the name should be pronounced: ‘Lou-ee‘ is the right one, not ‘Lou-is‘.

Many expected the name to be released on Wednesday, because the names of prince George and princess Charlotte were announced two days after their births in respectively 2013 and 2015. It is not known why it took the couple a day longer this time around. However, both royal reporters and fans have been speculating about yesterday being Anzac Day and the Prince of Wales not having met his grandson yet, since he had many Royal engagements both in the UK and abroad over the past few days.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge leave the hospital with their son

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge just left the hospital with their baby son, who was born earlier today. The Duchess has just been in the hospital for twelve hours. She was safely delivered of a son at 11:01AM, after being admitted to the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London, just before 6:00AM this morning.

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The newborn Prince of Cambridge is just over 7 hours old now. He was presented in a shawl by the company GH Hurt and Son Ltd. The company has a long-standing connection to the Royal Family. The little prince’s father, brother and sister were all presented in similar shawls on the steps of the Lindo Wing.

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Prince George & Princess Charlotte visit their baby brother at the Lindo Wing!

The Duke of Cambridge just arrived back at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London, to bring prince George (4) and Princess Charlotte (2) to see their mother and baby brother. The little prince was born at 11:01hrs this morning as the third child to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Check out the live blog for live updates during the day!



Prince George looked a little shy. Both children walked on their fathers hand to the steps and the door of the Lindo Wing, where both of them (in 2013 and 2015) made their first appearance to the world.

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Princess Charlotte waved to the members of the press several times, and even turned around on the steps to wave again.

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LIVEBLOG: It’s A BOY for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

BREAKING: IT’S A BOY FOR THE DUKE AND DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE! Both mother and baby are doing well!

News: Kensington Palace just announced that HRH The Duchess of Cambridge has been admitted to the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in the early stages of labour earlier this morning. She travelled by car to the hospital with the Duke of Cambridge from Kensington Palace around 6:00AM.

We will have live updates during the day.


  • 8:22hrs: Kensington Palace announces that HRH has been admitted to the hospital.
  • 9:00hrs: We’ll probably have another Royal Baby by the end of the day! Media have started to take position in front of the now famous Lindo Wing door.
  • 9:15hrs: fun fact – both prince William and prince George were born on a Monday, while the Duchess herself and her daughter were born on a Saturday. Are we going to have another boy?
  • 9:30hrs: it is not totally clear at what exact time the Duchess was admitted to the hospital. However, we expect things to go quick again like during the birth of princess Charlotte in 2015. We might even see prince George and Princess Charlotte this afternoon visiting their mother and new sibling in the hospital!
  • 10:00hrs: a livestream of the door of the Lindo Wing. There is no news yet. The media is out in full force outside the hospital today. Prince Harry and Meghan have an engagement this afternoon, but I suspect they won’t get as much media coverage as usual, because the media is busy somewhere else..
  • 10:20hrs: The Royal baby will share his or her birthday with William Shakespeare and Lady Gabriella Windsor, who was actually born in the very same hospital on this day in 1981! England is also celebrating St. George’s Day today (their national day), named after their patron of St. George. What a great day for a Royal baby to be born!
  • 10:25hrs: there is a chance that the baby has been born already, but the Cambridges like to spend some time with their baby alone and call family and friends about the news. With prince George, the world learned about the happy news 4 hours after his birth, and with princess Charlotte, it took 2,5 hours.
  • 11:00hrs: still no news…! In 2015, we had the news about the birth around this time. It seems that the Duchess was admitted to the hospital around 6:00AM this morning.
  • 11:30hrs: still no news… people are getting really nervous now!! Will we have a prince or princess soon?
  • 11:45hrs: The Royal Baby will be fifth in line to the throne, after his or her grandfather the Prince of Wales, his or her father, the Duke of Cambridge, and his or her siblings: Prince George and Princess Charlotte. He or she will be the seventh great-grandchild of Her Majesty the Queen.
  • 12:00hrs: we’re still waiting.. Sky News is reporting live near the hospital. A Sky news live stream can be watched here.
  • 12:05hrs: The Duchess’ stylist/PA Natasha Archer has been spotted at the Lindo Wing, around four hours after the Duchess was admitted. Pictures can be seen at the Daily Mail. Does this mean that the baby has been born already?
  • 12:10hrs: It is reported on Sky News that Prince George is at school today, and Princess Charlotte is at home at Kensington Palace. It is possible that we’ll see the two of them visiting their mother and their new sibling in the hospital later today.
  • 12:30hrs: people are saying now that they might hold onto the announcement until Prince Harry and Meghan’s engagement today (attending a memorial service for the 25th anniversary of the death of Stephen Lawrence) is over, which seems to be possible. The memorial service will start at 15:00hrs.
  • 13:00hrs: the current theory is that the Duke and Duchess might be waiting to announce the news to the world until they’ve told both George and Charlotte the good news. After George finishes school, we might even see them when they are visiting the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital later today!
  • 13:02hrs: It’s a boy! The Duchess was safely deliverd of a son at 11:01AM this morning! The baby weighs 8lbs 7oz (3820 grams). The Duke of Cambridge was present for the birth. Her Royal Highness and her child are both doing well. Members of both families have been informed about the happy news.
  • 13:10hrs: The Duchess was assisted during the birth by Mr. Guy Thorpe-Beeston (Surgeon Gynaecologist to the Royal Household), Mr. Alan Farthing (Surgeon Gynaecologist to Her Majesty the Queen), Dr. Sunit Godambe (Consultat Neonatologist at the Imperial College NHS Trust), and Professor Huw Thomas (Physician to Her Majesty the Queen and Head of the Medicial Household). The Duchess had all four men at her side with her previous two deliveries. Midwives were also present, and more than 20 medical experts were on standby in case of an emergency during the birth.
  • 13:15hrs: The Prince will be styled as His Royal Highness Prince [name] of Cambridge. When his father accends the throne, this Prince will very likely styled as HRH The Duke of York, the traditional title for the second son of the monarch. Prince George will be known as the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cornwall, and Princess Charlotte will probably be the Princess Royal, although it’s also possible that things will change and she will be the Duchess of York in her own right as the second child of the monarch.
  • 13:25hrs: According to Royal Reporters on the ground, it’s very possible that we’ll see some visitors later today! It’s also very much possible that the couple with their SON will leave the hospital tonight.
  • 13:30hrs: Princess Charlotte made history today! She’s the first British Princess to be ahead of a younger brother, since succession laws were changed a few years ago.
  • 13:50hrs: A formal notice will appear on an easel soon in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace, like in 2013 for the birth of Prince George and in 2015 for the birth of Princess Charlotte. The names of the baby will be announced  in a few days. The formal notice only contains the gender, the time of birth and the weight, and that the Duchess and her child are doing well. It will be signed by the doctors that were present at the birth.
  • 14:00hrs: the newborn Prince is the heaviest child the Duchess has given birth to (8lbs 7oz – 3820 grams), after prince George (8lbs 6oz – 3800 grams) and princess Charlotte (8lbs 1oz – 3660 grams).
  • 14:15hrs: Sky News reports that the Duchess of Cambridge will be on maternity leave until the autumn starts, just as she did after the birth of Princess Charlotte. The Royal Family’s summer holiday usually ends late August, and they get back to work in the early days of September. It is expected that the Duchess will be back in September too, although we’re going to see her for some events before that, such as Harry and Meghan’s wedding next month, Trooping the Colour in June and the baby’s christening in the summer.
  • 14:30hrs: the easel with the official birth announcement, signed by the doctors that were present for the birth, was put on display at Buckingham Palace.
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Happy Birthday Your Majesty! – The Royal Family attend The Queen’s Birthday Party Concert

The Royal Family is attending The Queen’s Birthday Party Concert at the Royal Albert Hall tonight. Her Majesty is celebrating her 92nd birthday today. The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust is the major beneficiary of event. Her Majesty is Patron of the Trust, that champions, funds and connects young leaders who are working hard to make a difference in the world. The leaders of the 53 Commonwealth nations, who were in London this week for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, are at the concert as well.

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The concert is broadcasted live on the BBC tonight. Usually, the Queen is not celebrating her birthdays in public on this day in April (except for her ‘special’ birthdays, such as her 80th and 90th), but during Trooping the Colour on a Saturday in June. ‘Special’ birthdays are often celebrated with events in June too instead of April, since the weather is much better. However, Her Majesty made an exception tonight and is celebrating her birthday inside the Royal Albert Hall with her family by her side. Performers include Kylie Minogue and Tom Jones.

A list of members of the Royal Family in attendance tonight:

  • Her Majesty the Queen
  • The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall
  • The Duke of Cambridge
  • Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle
  • The Princess Royal and Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence
  • Peter and Autumn Phillips
  • The Duke of York
  • Princess Eugenie of York and Jack Brooksbank
  • Princess Beatrice
  • The Earl and the Countess of Wessex
  • Lady Louise
  • Princess Alexandra
  • The Duke and the Duchess of Gloucester
  • The Prince and the Princess Michael of Kent
  • Lady Sarah Chatto and David Chatto
  • The Lord and Lady Frederick Windsor
  • Numerous unidentified cousins from the extended Royal Family

As expected, the Duchess of Cambridge is not attending the concert tonight. She is only days away from giving birth to her third child and is on maternity leave since the end of March. She last appeared in public on Easter Sunday when attending a church service with the Royal Family in Windsor. However, it is expected that we will see her somewhere in the next 10 days with a baby in her arms on the steps of the Lindo Wing!

Prince Harry, as President of The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, gave a speech at the concert tonight. After the speech, the Queen appeared on the stage with Prince Charles, who also gave a short speech for his mother.

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