Harry & Meghan Review – week 9, 2018


On Friday, more details on the Royal Wedding were announced by Kensington Palace. The Palace said that the Prince and his soon-to-be-wife want the public to be able to celebrate their wedding too. They will invite 2,640 people to the grounds of Windsor Castle to watch the arrival of the guests (including the Royal Family), and the bride and the groom at the Chapel. This includes 1,200 UK people who have been nominated by the nine regional Lord Lieutenants. The other 1,440 people are from charities chosen by the prince and his bride, Windsor community members, members of the Royal Household and schoolchildren from Windsor. Other people will be able to watch the carriage procession after the wedding around the streets of Windsor.


On February 28, Prince Harry and Meghan attended the first Royal Foundation Forum together with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Meghan will become the Foundation’s fourth patron after the wedding. It was the first official engagement the four of them attended together. The theme of the day was ‘Making a Difference Together’, which describes the goal of the four royals: they believe that they can make the biggest difference with their charity work when they work together.

Embed from Getty Images

More information and pictures on the event can be seen here.

Upcoming Events

  • 6 March: Prince Harry will visit Silverstone to mark the start of the construction of their brand new Silverstone Experience.
  • 8 March: Prince Harry and Meghan will visit Birmingham

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