The Royal Quartet attends Royal Foundation Forum 2018

The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended the inaugural Royal Foundation forum today at the Aviva Offices. It is the first time that the four of them make an official appearance together at an official engagement – something we will likely see more and more after the Royal Wedding in May. The theme of the day was ‘Making a Difference Together’, which describes the goal of the four royals: they believe that they can make the biggest difference with their charity work when they work together.

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The Royal Foundation was founded in 2009 by the Princes William and Harry. It became fully operational in 2011, and after the wedding, the Duchess joined the two Princes as a Patron. Meghan will become the fourth patron of the organisation after the Wedding. The aim is to invest in and partner with organisations or campaigns with proven impact. Currently, the priorities of the Foundation are mental health, young people, conservation and the armed forces.

The Duke opened the event discussing the journey he and his brother, and later his wife too, had to create the Foundation as it is now. He also welcomed Meghan into the Foundation, saying that they were ‘particularly happy’ to attend this first Royal Foundation event with her. It is thought that the event might become an annual event on the diary for the young royals in the future.

After opening the event, the presenter, Mrs. Daheley, asked the Royals several questions. She asked the Duchess about coming up with the idea for Heads Together. The Duchess talked about her experience with the Foundation, her continued interest with mental health and children and her personal experience as a mother.

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It was very interesting to see Meghan attending the event today. In the past, she also did philanthropic work, which included women’s advocacy, gender-equality, clean water initiatives, poverty and health. After the engagement, she dropped her old patronages and she will get many new ones in the years to come. It will be very interesting to see for what causes she likes to work for as a member of the Royal Family. When asked about her previous work supporting women, it became clear that she is planning on working with this subject in the future again.

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After the opening of the event, the three Royals – and one Royal-to-be – watched from the front row in the audience to a video about Heads Together, the biggest initiative supported by the Foundation until this date.

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Later, the Royals all made a speech about their personal long-term plans with the Foundation.

Afterwards, the four met with invited guests.

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The Duchess wore a royal blue maternity dress by Séraphine. We saw this particular dress before earlier this year when the Duchess launched the programme ‘Mentally Healthy Schools’. She also debuted new earrings.

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Meghan debuted a new Jason Wu dress and black Aquazzura pumps.

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