Meghan & Harry Review – week 7 + 8, 2018

Editor’s Note: Because of a very quiet week for Meghan and Harry with very little news, and me having very little time to blog, we have two weeks combined for the Prince and his fiancée in this week’s Review. 


We are starting this blog with very happy news to share with you: we will be seeing our four favourite royals together on Wednesday 28 February for the first time in official capacity! They will be attending the first Royal Foundation Forum, and they will discuss the work of the Royal Foundation together.

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In the other news: Meghan and Harry had a post-Valentine date night on February 16 at the Victoria Palace Theatre, near Kensington Palace. They enjoyed a performance of Hamilton together.

Furthermore, there are rumours of a first joint Royal Tour for the couple to Australia and New Zealand in the autumn. We already know that prince Harry and his wife-to-be will very likely be travelling to Sydney in October for the Invictus Games, and they are currently exploring the possibility of extending the trip into a full Royal Tour.

To conclude this news bit of today’s Review, we have a very sad message to share.  Scotland Yard has confirmed they are investigating after a letter containing white powder purporting to be anthrax. The letter was sent to Meghan and Harry and it was intercepted before it reached the couple. It is said to contain a racist message.


On February 13th, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited Edinburgh, Scotland. They arrived at Edinburgh Castle in the early afternoon and met hundreds of people waiting for them. For Meghan, it was her first visit to Scotland. The couple were officially welcomed to the city by the Royal Marines Scotland Band. Prince Harry is Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Marines since December 2017, after his grandfather stepped down.

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After admiring the view on the city from the castle walls, prince Harry and his fiancée visited Social Bite, a social business and café in the city centre. The organisation runs similar cafés through Scotland to provide food and hot drinks to homeless people. They also employ former homeless people. Inside the café, Harry and Meghan met with staff.

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To conclude their first joint visit to Scotland, the couple attended a reception at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in celebration of the Scottish youth. 2018 is the ‘Year of Young People’ in Scotland.

Two days later, on February 15, Prince Harry visited the organisation ‘StreetGames’ to see their ‘Fit and Fed Activity’ in Brent. Kids in the UK are having half-term breaks this week and the organisation tries to make sure that kids are still getting out of the house and are still playing outside, even when they don’t have to go out for school. In addition to giving the kids the opportunity to play, they also provide them with healthy food.

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On February 16, prince Harry attended the England Rugby Team Open Training Session at Twickenham. The Prince is President of the England Rugby Union. He talked to players and staff.

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Upcoming Events

  • 28 February: The Royal Quartet will attend the the first Royal Foundation Forum

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