Royal Visit Sweden: Another Busy Day at the Karolinska Institute, NK and Haga Palace (day 2)

The Duke and Duchess will begin their second day in Sweden with a visit to the Karolinska Institute, which hosts almost half of all medical research conducted in Sweden. For the visit, they are joined by the Swedish Crown Princess and her husband, whose children were born in the hospital.

On arrival, the two couples greeted eachother very warmly. They seem to get along very well. Before entering the Insitute, they posed for the photographers.

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Inside, the party will meet with scientists researching psychology and hear about Sweden’s approach to mental health issues. They will also hear more about the Youth Aware of Mental Health (YAM) programma, that focusses on 14-16 years old to increase knowledge on mental health.

The Royal party will then visit the Matteusskolan in the city centre. They will join children who have taken part in the YAM programme and will speak to mentors who run the trainings. Lots of children were waiting outside to welcome the Royals to their school. The Royals embarked on a small walkabout to greet the waiting pupils.

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They met pupils inside the school and had a chat with them about the YAM programme.

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Afterwards, the Duke and Crown Princess Victoria both held a short speech commenting on the importance of children’s mental health.

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In the afternoon, the Duke, the Duchess, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visited the department store NK to open an exhibition of British design, fashion and brands. On their tour through the exhibition, the Duke was joined by Crown Princess Victoria while Prince Daniel accompanied the Duchess.

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After the visit to NK, TRH will travel to Haga Palace (the Crown Princess’ families’ official residence) for a private tea with the Royal Couple. As a surprise, the Royal Court released some pictures of the meeting – that included a small chat with Princess Estelle (5) and Prince Oscar (1), the children of the Royal Couple.

The Duchess of Cambridge is wearing a brand new red and white houndstooth coat today by Catherine Walker, a white dress by Alexander McQueen and earrings by Swedish designer In2Design. She also picked her burgundy Chanel bag and her beloved burgundy Tod’s ‘Fringed Leather’ pumps to go with the look.

The white dress by McQueen displayed HRH’s growing baby bump today – the Duchess is said to be 6 months pregnant now.

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Embed from Getty Images

According to the great @HeavenQRF, Crown Princess Victoria is wearing her Acne coat  with her Stella McCartney bag and a new pantsuit is from Rodebjer.

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  • In the evening, the Duke and the Duchess will attend an event in celebration of contemporary culture at the Fotografiska Gallery. Guests will include people from the film, music and television industry, theatre, dance, art and sports. The Duke will deliver a speech. The Gallery currently has an exhibition by the British photographer Nick Veasy. TRH will tour the exhibition before joining the reception.

The full itinerary can be read via this link.

A Royal Tour Recap


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