Cambridge Review – week 4, 2018


The Duke and Duchess have been preparing for their upcoming tour through Sweden and Norway this week. A full itinerary can be read here.

In the other news, it has been speculated that the Duchess of Cambridge donated about seven inches of her hair to a charity that makes wigs for children with cancer after she had a haircut last summer. The story has neither been confirmed nor denied by the Palace.

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On January 23rd, The Duke of Cambridge delivered a great keynote speech at the Charity Commission Annual Public Meeting. A video can be seen below and the entire speech can be read here. The Duke spoke about the difficult time charities are going through at the moment and mentioned the need to grow and stabilize current charities instead of creating new ones. It can be deduced from his words that bringing charities together is a key focus for the Royal Family in the years to come.

On the same day, the Duchess launched a new mental health project for young children during a visit to Roe Green Junior School in Brent.  The programme is part of the HeadsTogether campaign and is called Mentally Healthy Schools. It will be launched as a website – which will be available to every primary school in the UK – to give teachers and staff the clarity and practical resources they need to support pupils with mental health issues at their school. The Duchess deliverd a speech to mark the launch of the new programme, which will help children in the entire country with their mental health problems. The speech in full can be read here. Her patronages Place2Be and The Anna Freud Centre are supporting the programme.

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On Thursday, the Duchess of Cambridge visited the Maurice Wohl Clinical Neurosceince Institute at King’s College Hospital and the Perinatal Service at NHS Maundsley Bethlem Royal Hospital. HRH visited both facilities to learn more on maternal mental health issues and the services provided to new mothers with such issues. She has been focussing on this subject since last year. HRH spoke with neurosceintists, staff and mothers who have been treated for mental health problems.

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Upcoming Events

  • 30 January-2 February: The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge will visit Norway and Sweden (detailed itinerary)

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