Harry & Meghan Review – week 3, 2018


Prince Harry and Meghan have a new member in their personal group of staff. At first, Meghan received support from prince Harry’s Private Secretary Edward Lane Fox and his team, but it seems now that Amy Pickerill, a former KP Communications Secretary, has joined that team. She was seen helping Meghan at her engagements with prince Harry this month. It is not known if she’s in the running to become Meghan’s Private Secretary after the wedding in May. Ms. Pickerill is the blonde woman on the picture below.

Embed from Getty Images

Furthermore, it has been reported that Meghan picked her wedding dress designer and has started the fitting process at Kensington Palace last week. Only a very select group of people know the designer’s name at the moment and she is said to be very excited about it.



On Thursday, Prince Harry and Meghan made a visit to Cardiff, Wales. They visited Cardiff Castle to learn more on the rich Welsh heritage and culture. The future Royal couple afterwards visited Star Hub, a community center in Tremofa neighbourhood in the city. In this centre, sport is being used to bring young people together. The visit was a huge success and the couple were welcomed very warmly by the Welsh people.

Embed from Getty Images

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