Prince Harry and Meghan visit Cardiff

Prince Harry and his fiancée Meghan Markle are visiting Cardiff (Wales) today. The couple’s arrival was delayed for more than an hour because of problems with the train service from London to Cardiff. The Prince was said to be keen on introducing his fiancée to the Welsh people. The two are of course eventually going to be their Royals too.

The couple are visiting Cardiff Castle to learn more on the rich Welsh heritage and culture. Cardiff Castle is one of Wales’ leading heritage attractions and a site of international significance. The Castle is located within a gorgeous park at the heart of the capital. Its walls date back almost 2,000 years in history. It has been used as a strategic fort for the Romans and afterwards by lords and noble families in the ages that followed. They embarked on a very long walkabout to greet members of the public on their way to the castle. Even though the couple were delayed and it was raining, there were still many people waiting to see the soon-to-be Royal couple in Cardiff today. While still meeting the public and shaking hands, the Prince and Ms. Markle were gently ushered into the Castle by their staff.

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Inside the Castle, the Prince and Meghan met with Welsh sportmen and women, and saw more from organisations that are promoting the Welsh heritage and culture. They watched a dance performance, listened to a Welsh poem, tasted traditional Welsh cake and took a quick tour around the Castle.

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After the Castle visit, the future Royal couple visited Star Hub, a community center in Tremofa neighbourhood in the city. In this centre, sport is being used to bring young people together. They met with the organisation StreetGames, which works with both the Welsh government and the charity SportWales, and wants to make sports available to all young people in Wales.

Meghan and Harry met with participants and staff, and had a chat with some young women and girls who are taking part in the UsGirls programme which is focussed on getting women and girls into sports.

Meghan is wearing a black outfit for the visit today, with a pop of green from her bag (which seems to be a tribute to the Welsh flag). The coat is by Stella McCartney and her pants are by the Welsh brand Hiut Denim. Like many Royal ladies before her, picking a designer from the country they’re visiting is always a great choice. Her booties are from Tabitha Simons (ID’d by the great @Japanese_Ginger). She appears to be wearing a grey blazer by the brand Theory under the coat, which was ID’s by the lovely

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Embed from Getty Images
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The visit seemed to be an enormous succes and it was very obvious that Meghan is already very used to dealing with the huge media attention and the crowds.


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