Harry & Meghan Review: week 2, 2018


The biggest news this week was that Meghan decided to delete her social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook this week. Kensington Palace added that she took the decision because ‘they haven’t been used in some time’ and that ‘she thanks all of the people that followed her accounts over the years’. It is seen as a natural step towards joining the Royal Family in May.

Meghan seems to be very busy with wedding planning, as can be expected when one’s wedding is only months away. According to the Daily Mail, the couple are planning a non-traditional wedding (whatever that means). It is going to be different as the Royal Wedding in 2011 for sure, since prince William is heir to the throne, the wedding could almost be considered as a state event with lots of members of other royal families and heads of state from around the world, while this wedding can be much smaller without foreign heads of state and more family and friends.


Prince Harry and Meghan carried out their first engagement of the year on Tuesday. They visited ReprezentRadio in Brixton, South-London.  The couple visited the radio station to learn more about its work for young people in the area. They met with current and former participants of the radio station’s mentoring and training programme. Attention was huge for the engagement: there were lots of photographers and reporters, and also fairly big crowds to greet the couple. They embarked on a small walkabout to greet the wellwishers on departure.

Embed from Getty Images

Upcoming events:

  • Thursday 18 January: Prince Harry and Ms. Markle will visit Cardiff, Wales, for a day of engagements to learn more about the rich culture and heritage

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