The Duke of Cambridge visits The Royal Marsden and CALMzone

The Duke of Cambridge is visiting The Royal Marsden in Chelsea today to watch two revolutionairy robotic surgeries. His Royal Highness has been President of the Royal Marsden since May 2007, a position previously held by his mother Diana, Princess of Wales. He has paid several visits to either of the two hospitals the organisation has, and in September 2011, he also took his wife with him to open The Oak Centre for Children and Young People in Sutton.

The Royal Marsden is a specialist cancer treatment hospital, that has two facilities: the Chelsea site in Brompton and the Sutton site in Belmont. It was the first hospital in the world completely dedicated to study and treat cancer. The foundation was found in 1851 by William Marsden, whose wife died from cancer. He wanted to establish a new hospital focussed on research the causes and find new treatments for cancer. The facilities quickly became to small, so the hospital had to change locations several times during the first decades of its existence. Since 1962, a second location was added, so even more patients could be treated.

The Duke will watch a robotic surgery performed on Mrs. White today, who has Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, a rare form of cancer. The Royal Marsden has been undertaking robotic surgeries for more than a decade, and it is the largest and most comprehensive programme of robotic surgery in the country at the moment.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

After joining his first robotic surgery, the Duke visits the Burdett-Coutts Ward to chat with patients who are receiving care at the hospital. As always, the patients seemed to be very honoured and happy that the Duke at their bedside. Undoubtly, it must be great for them to have a Royal visitor during the long days in the hospital.

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Later today, Prince William will visit the CALMzone to lend his support to their ‘Best Man Project,’ a campaign to prevent male suicide. He will meet the staff, volunteers, and supporters of the project. The CALMzone is also one of the main charity partners of the Heads Together campaign. This campaign, supported by the Duke and Duchess and Prince Harry since its launch in 2016, is trying to remove the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Because of its enormous success, it has been extended for an undisclosed period of time. Prince William focussed on men’s mental health during the campaign and is still very much active for this cause, as can be seen from his visit today.

During the visit, the Duke revealed that he hasn’t been asked by his brother to be his Best Man at the wedding in May yet. He also commented on the Wedding/FA Cup Final clash, which is said to be causing some problems for him. William is President of the FA and usually the one to give the Cup to the winner of the Final, but chances are big that he isn’t going to be there this year, since he obviously is going to attend his brother’s wedding.


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