Prince Harry and Meghan visit Reprezent Radio in Brixton

Prince Harry and his fiancée Meghan Markle attended their first 2018 engagement together at Reprezent Radio in Brixton, South-London. The prince and Ms. Markle are visiting the radio station to learn more about its work for young people in the area. On arrival, the couple were greeted by a line-up of officials and staff.

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Reprezent FM trains hundreds of young people every year in media and employment skills. The training programme was found 10 years ago in response to the rise of knife crime in the neighbourhood, to help young people develop and socialise through radio. The community program has been very succesfull ever since. Reprezent Radio is the only radio station in the UK that is presented by people under 25, and it provides with 24 hours music a day from their underground music station in Brixton.


The DJs and presenters are now working in the music industry, running their own club nights and producing their own music. More than 4,000 young people have been through the Reprezent programme, with over 3,000 more on the waiting list to join the mentoring and training program, that offers training in communication, confidence and radio production. The couple met with current and former volunteers who benefitted from the training themselves.

According to the Daily Mail, Prince Harry and Meghan contacted the radio station themselves to see if they could come and meet staff and volunteers.
His Royal Highness has been passionate about tackling knife crime for several years now and the visit to the programme was very much fitting.

A decent crowd (and lots of journalists) turned up to see Meghan and Harry in Brixton today. Meghan waved and blew a kiss to the crowds at arrival when they cheered her name, she appeared to be very impressed and delighted by the magnitude of the waiting crowds.

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At departure, the couple did a brief walkabout to greet the waiting crowds. They stayed 25 minutes longer than was originally planned.

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For her second day of official engagements with prince Harry, Meghan wore her Smythe Camel Brando coat (ID’d by, first worn in 2016. Several reporters add on Twitter that she’s also wearing Burberry pants, a Jigsaw scarf and a Marks & Spencers sweater! The shoes, ID’d by the ladies from, are Sara Flint NYC pumps. Burberry and Marks & Spencers are British brands, while Smythe is a Canadian favourite of hers.

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We are expecting to see Meghan join prince Harry occasionally on official engagements in the months leading up to the wedding in May. According to Kensington Palace, Meghan wants to get to know her new country by travelling around and visiting several towns and cities. It is not known when their next public appearance as a couple will be.


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