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Happy 5th Birthday to Prince George!

Prince George celebrates his 5th birthday today. Happy birthday Your Royal Highness! To celebrate the birthday, Kensington Palace released a new photograph of the Prince last night. The picture is taken by photographer Matt Porteous following Prince Louis’ christening on July 9 in the gardens of Clarence House.

©Matt Porteous/Kensington Palace

The Prince is celebrating his birthday with his family today in private. The five Cambridges left London on Monday with the Middleton family for the paradise island of Mustique. They are enjoying their first holiday as family of five together in the Caribbean. The Duke and Duchess and the Middleton family have come to adore the island and have visited on multiple occasions since the Cambridges’ pre-engagement days. The Middletons usually make an annual trip every January. Until 2014, the couple still joined them on their trip, but they haven’t been spotted at the island in the recent years, because of their own work schedules and George and Charlotte’s school schedules. It is expected that we might see July becoming their chosen month for the getaway to Mustique. The Cambridges and the Middletons can enjoy a private holiday on this island, that has already been a favorite for celebrities and royals for many years.

The Prince’s 2018 has already been very special. He welcomed a new baby brother in April and we saw him, still dressed in his school uniform, arriving at the hospital with his father and sister to meet his brother for the first time. Furthermore, prince George acted as a page boy at the wedding of his uncle with Meghan Markle. He sparkled on the official wedding photographs that were released after the wedding.

Embed from Getty Images

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New Photograph released for Prince George’s 5th Birthday!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have released a new photograph of Prince George for the Sunday papers ahead of his fifth birthday tomorrow.

©Matt Porteous/Kensington Palace

The photograph was taken by photographer Matt Porteous after Prince Louis’ christening last week at Clarence House. He also took the fifth adorable shot from prince Louis with his mother which was released on Monday. The Duke and Duchess had asked Mr. Porteous to take photographs at the christening for their private photo albums. The official photographs were taken by Matt Holyoak.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge always release a photograph or a set of photographs for the birthdays of their children. Prince George usually gets pictures of him released taken by a professional photographer, while the Duchess usually takes Princess Charlotte’s birthday pictures. It is definitely possible that we will get another shot tomorrow.

It is not the first time that prince George’s birthday photograph was taken at his siblings’ christening. A picture taken by Mario Testino at princess Charlotte’s christening was released in 2015 for George’s second birthday.

It is also not the first time that pictures by Matt Porteous are chosen for the birthday release. In 2016, the photographer took a set of four pictures at Amner Hall that were released on occasion of the Prince’s 3rd birthday. The pictures included prince George with the family’s dog, Lupo, and prince George on a swing given to the Duke and Duchess as a marriage gift.

We’re having a traditional birthday blog tomorrow for our little Prince’s fifth birthday (time flies!). Come back tomorrow to check it out!

Sussex Review – Week 27 + 28, 2018


The Duke and Duchess had a very busy two weeks, with several engagements, a christening, a day of tennis and their first official foreign visit together. Because of this, there was not much news to report on them other than the engagements.


Thursday 5 July: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the ‘Your Commonwealth’ Youth Challenge Reception at Marlborough House. More on the reception can be read here.

Embed from Getty Images

On Monday 9 July, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended Prince Louis’ christening at St. James’ Palace. Official photographs were released by Kensington Palace later. The pictures were taken by photographer Matt Holyoak. It marked Meghan’s first official royal christening photograph.

The next day, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and members of the Royal Family will attend the 100th Anniversary Celebrations for the RAF at Westminster Abbey. Afterwards, they viewed the flypast from the Buckingham Palace balcony, and attended a reception at Buckingham Palace for RAF personnel. More can be read in this special blog post.

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A Fifth Gorgeous Picture of Prince Louis’ Christening

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have just released an additional photograph from prince Louis’ christening, which was held last week at the Chapel Royal at St. James’s Palace. The picture features the Duchess of Cambridge holding a laughing prince Louis in the gardens of Clarence House. Kensington Palace said: ‘The Duke and Duchess hope that everyone enjoys this lovely photograph of Prince Louis as much as they do.’

©Matt Porteous/Kensington Palace

The Duke and Duchess asked Matt Porteous to take pictures at the christening for their private photo album, next to the more official and formal photographs taken by Matt Holyoak. The Duke and Duchess liked this photograph so much that they decided to release it to the public.

Matt Porteous is a Jersey-based photographer who has worked with the Cambridges before. He was the photographer of Prince George’s third birthday portraits. He specialises in sports, travel and wedding photography, for which he has won UK awards. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge obviously liked the shots he took of prince George in 2016 so much that they decided to ask him to document the christening privately for them.

Yesterday night, Kensington Palace released four official photographs, taken by Matt Holyoak. The photo from today gives us a total of five pictures from the christening, the same amount as was seen with prince George. Princess Charlotte’s christening saw a release of four pictures. However, a sixth photograph of prince George’s christening emerged last year through a company that edited the photographs, and we saw a fifth shot of princess Charlotte’s christening being released at prince George’s second birthday, and a sixth shot being released by the photographer, Mario Testino, when the Queen celebrated her 90th birthday in 2016. We saw a seventh photograph of prince George’s christening on the prince of Wales’ desk in a video message. To conclude: it is absolutely not unlikely that we will see more pictures of the christening emerge through other channels than KP in the years to come.

Prince Louis’ Official Christening Photographs

Kensington Palace has just released prince Louis’ official christening photographs. The photos were taken following his christening on Monday. They were taken by portrait photographer Matt Holyoak at Clarence House. Mr. Holyoak is famous for photographing the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh last year to mark their 70th wedding anniversary.

The first photograph was the shot we were all waiting for: the first picture of the Cambridge family as a family of five.

The second photograph shows both families with the Cambridges in the Morning Room of Clarence House. Both the Duchess of Sussex and James Matthews, Pippa’s husband, made their official royal christening photograph debut. Even though the Queen and prince Phillip were absent for this christening, we still had as many members of the family on the photographs.

From left to right, top row: The Duke of Sussex, the Duchess of Sussex, the Duchess of Cornwall, the Prince of Wales, Ms. Carole Middleton, Mr. Michael Middleton, Ms. Pippa Matthews (née Middleton), Mr. James Matthews, Mr. James Middleton. Bottom row: Prince George, the Duke of Cambridge, the Duchess of Cambridge holding Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte.

The third photograph shows the members of the extended Wales family attending the Christening. It is the first official photograph we see of the Prince of Wales, his wife, his sons and their respective wives, and the grandchildren. It’s a gorgeous family. The monarchy’s future is looking bright!

The last photograph was taken in the Clarence House gardens and show the Duchess of Cambridge with her son. According to many, it is the most gorgeous picture of the series and I absolutely agree with that. It definitely shows a mother’s love for her child in every way. Mr. Holyoak did a great job in capturing this.

Matt Holyoak said: “I was truly honoured at being asked to take the official photographs at the christening of Prince Louis, and to witness at first hand such a happy event. Everyone was so relaxed and in such good spirits, it was an absolute pleasure.”

For prince George’s christening, five photographs were released after the christening, while princess Charlotte’s christening saw a set of four pictures being released. With both christenings, we respectively saw a sixth for George, and a fifth and sixth picture for Charlotte emerge later through other channels (including the photograph being released by Kensington Palace for George’s third birthday). Other pictures were taken but were kept private, as we saw when an unseen seventh photograph appear on the prince of Wales’ desk in a video message. To conclude, it is certainly a possiblity that we’ll see some more photos from this shoot appear in the next few years.

It is thought that the Duke and Duchess and their family will now return to Amner Hall to celebrate the summer holiday. It is also possible they’ll travel abroad for a bit of family fun together. The Duke and Duchess are expected to get back to royal engagements early September, when prince George’s and princess Charlotte’s school starts again too. The Duchess’ maternity leave is thought to be ending in September. Because of this, we might have to wait over 6 weeks until we’ll see the Duchess again, with the kids being away from the limelight even longer. The Duke, however, is expected in France in early August for a WW1 commemoration.

Pictures: ©Matt Holyoak/Camera Press via Kensington Palace